Learning continuously, looking into new ideas and solutions for our customers, visiting new sites from the web and physically attending to summits such as Salone del Mobile Milano, Feria del Mueble Milan , “DecorAcción Madrid, Españaor “Espritmeuble París, Feria del Mueble de París, Francia”.


Launching the new website, engaging with new technologies. Yes we have decided the other way around. We first have a good buck of projects to be shown and then we set the website.


We decided to find our way and we start it up a new business “Estudio de Interiorismo” in the middle of the heaviest crisis we have ever met.


Worked at local business for remodeling basically anything. Building face to face relationship with customers, setting up the project from scratch, introducing new tools to the business to speed up both the process of executing a plan and engaging with new customers.


Award, Runner up at Loriartzun along with Amaia Odriozola y Soraya Aguirre.


End of studies at Kunsthal Irun. These studies were carried out understanding the needs to deepen my knowledge into interior designing which I first took in Cebanc by studying graphic design

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